Nourish Medical Center Just Moved to San Diego

The Nourish medical center is a virtual dispensary designed to help patients with various ailments and folks who want to enjoy a full spectrum of health to access proven and effective natural health products. Here, visitors can purchase a range of natural health products, watch relevant videos on the same, and benefit from many other services offered by Dr. Gelman and her uniquely equipped team of physicians.

Who is Dr. Elana Gelman?

Nourish Medical Center is a brainchild of Dr. Elana Gelman- a personable, competent, and caring physician. The virtual dispensary is a culmination of Gelman’s years of research and burning desire to alleviate the suffering of many people by providing alternative means of defeating disease through diet.

Her fascination with diet started earlier on at a very tender age when she experienced a big loss in her family that made her look at the world from a completely new perspective. The loss made her appreciate life more and discover ways in which she could live it fully and longer. Thus, she segued into her new fascination: scouring books, encyclopedias, periodicals, and other tomes of health literature to scour valuable information on diet. Armed with the knowledge she gleaned from the various literature she interacted with, Dr. Elana Gelman made it her business to convince family and friends to eat all manner of new foods she hoped could transform their health for the better.

Over time, the interest in diet as an elixir to the range of diseases that afflict mankind grew, leading her to pursue naturopathic medicine with an unequaled passion. The enthusiasm has led her to lots of adventures throughout her life- beginning with meditation retreats, life in organic farms, to lots of travel across the globe taking cooking classes.

With all the knowledge acquired from the classroom, travel, experience and reading, it is understandable why Dr. Gelman chose to create this virtual dispensary as an outlet of the copious amounts of knowledge she has to share with the world. She is an ardent believer in the notion that the more knowledge the general public gets about naturopathic medicine, the healthier they’ll become.

What you can do in the Nourish Medical Center

There is a full gamut of things that you can do in this virtual dispensary to receive the best service that can be given online or in their brick and mortar clinic in San Diego, California, for example:

– Appointments- you can request and change your appointments online.

– Lab results- You can access your lab results and download them anywhere.

– Documents- you can share health records with your provider vide this site.

– Questionnaire- Do you want to minimize check-in time and let the personnel know about you in advance? Then, all you’ve to do is to fill a pre-appointment questionnaire online providing the required details that the physicians may need to attend to your health needs properly.

– Messages- the site allows you to communicate securely and privately with competent physicians with a view of finding a solution to your problem.

Family Medical Visits – Through the site, you can access a summary of your visit to the clinic as well as other relevant medical records from any place in the world.

From these, you can see that the convenience offered by this virtual dispensary is really amazing. What is more? They also provide a variety of services which include:

– Thyroid and hormone balance

– Digestive health- they recommend a host of ways to achieve the highest attainable digestive health.

– Family medicine- every member of your family can be nourished.’

– Fatigue

– Lab and testing- they perform a comprehensive and intense diagnostic study to unravel what disease afflicts you.

Family Doctor

– Vitamin IVs and shots- this majorly focuses on proactive health.

– Weight loss and detoxification programs. Through these programs, you can in a short time achieve your dream of a lithe and petite physique.

And who is better to do that than a battery of illustrious and decorated physicians including Dr. Adrienne Steward, Dr. Christina Martinez, Dr. Ramson, and Dr. Elena Gelman?

What else will you get on this site?

– A summary of Dr. Gelman’s fifty favorite books.

– Snack and book recommendations from Dr. Gelman.

– A recommendation of top health websites you should regularly visit.

– Top health-related podcasts.

– Recommendations of top iPhone and iPad apps that can help you manage your health.

Truly, the Nourish Medical Center is a repository of valueless information that can positively transform your health and set you on a path to longevity and abundance of health.