Wills & Trusts – Get Your Estate Planning In Order

Bert Moll is the pioneer behind reputable legal firm The Law Firm of Bert Moll. Bert joined the United States Navy after graduating from high school and did serve until his honorable discharge from service in 1977. Bert earned a bachelor’s degree 1985 from San Diego State University, and in 1993, he graduated with a law degree from the University of Nebraska. Mr. Bert has occupied several roles as a legal advisor, and the many positions have seen him amassing a considerable wealth of legal experience which he has used to champion many causes. The Law Firm of Bert Moll is a successful legal firm that has represented many clients in many legal cases, especially on matters touching on personal injury, inheritance, and estate planning.


Probate is a standard legal practice that is carried out when someone passes away. It does apply to persons who have or don’t own wills, and its primary importance is to ensure that a person gets to have reduced stress, make a clarified judgment and provide the best outcomes on matters touching on estate planning. Law Firm of Bert Moll thoroughly understands the probate process and can provide the relevant legal assistance that can help a person bring a troubled future into the present, and make things easier. For instance, persons who seek probate assistance can get to decide on whom their estate heirs should be effectively, and also have a say on the terms and the conditions the heirs should receive the assets. Probate can save the loved ones from conflicts and heartaches on who gets to have a certain asset, and ensure the inheritance transition gets to be smooth.

Personal Injury

Many people often find themselves under the unfortunate circumstances of having to bear with personal injuries. Nobody plans to be involved in accidents; however, in unfortunate situations a person gets harmed, the best decision would be to consult Law Firm of Bert Moll for assistance. The legal aid offered here can ensure that you get the required monetary compensation and other rewards that can help you cope with the stressful situations that accompany personal injury. Law Firm of Bert Moll recommends that anybody having a car accident case should contact the police, have proper insurance and medical documents, and also gather relevant information that can be used to support the claim. Having all these will ensure that a victim’s interests are well protected, and the firm will mount a strong legal challenge that can lead to compensation.

Wills & Trust

Wills & Trusts Attorney Bert MollHaving a clear will and revocable trust is necessary to ensure that your loved ones are well taken care of after your pass. Through a will or trust, distribution of assets gets to be easy in the event the asset owner passes away. Regardless of the method picked to distribute assets among heirs, the most important aspect is that all the legal documents that name the beneficiaries must be in place, and also officially confirmed. The Law Firm of Bert Moll gives asset owners a durable power of attorney, a living will, medical and mental health power of attorney, HIPAA authorization plus a Personal Property Memorandum. For instance, if an asset would want to consider children as heir, the law firm can issue Temporary Guardianship Power of Attorney, and all these ensure that asset inheritance gets to pass on smoothly and as intended.


Bert Moll is the attorney you should contact anytime you have a pressing legal issue that concerns personal injury, trust & wills, probate, and estate planning. Mr. Bert does create a friendly environment for all the visitors to the firm, and that mean any matter the clients have can be discussed in private and also with due confidentiality. The vast legal experience that Mr. Bert has presents the clients with a golden opportunity to confidently stand up to any of their legal problems, and stand a chance to get their rightful claims. The fees charged for legal representation by The Law Firm of Bert Moll are affordable, and the benefit is that the firm’s clients are assured of enjoying the best legal representation by a qualified and respected attorney. There are many success stories that Bert Moll has created, and the only solution to a challenging legal case is by contacting The Law Firm of Bert Moll.

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